four eyes see more than two

four eyes see more than two
Observation by two people is better than by one alone. two heads are better than one expresses a similar idea. L. plus vident oculi, quam oculus, eyes see more than one eye.

1591 A. COLYNET True Hist. Civil Wars France 37 Two eyes doo see more then one.

1592 G. DELAMOTHE French Alphabet II. 45 Foure eyes can see more then two.

1642 T. FULLER Holy State IV. v. Matters of inferiour consequence he will communicate to a fast friend, and crave his advice; for two eyes see more than one.

1898 F. M. MULLER Auld Lang Syne 80 But who has ever examined any translation from any language, without finding signs of..carelessness or ignorance? Four eyes see more than two.

1962 H. REILLY Day She Died vii. What he wanted was a look at the cars the variegated crowd of people had arrived in. Four eyes were better than two.

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